Breaking the garage’s class ceiling with MG


  • MG announces the partnership with Galmatic in effort to deliver valuable life lessons.
  • MG is supporting the essential program by providing Galmatic with a brand-new MG 3.
  • Program offers a "hands-on" approach to changing tyres to break stereotypes and promote road safety.


Women are vastly outnumbered in the automotive industry, but one pioneer, Eleni Mitakos, the founder of Galmatic, has teamed up with MG to inspire young drivers to learn life skills.

“Many millennials and Gen Z can't change a tyre or know how to check their oil and wiper fluid. While this might make a great meme, it isn’t their fault that this information hasn’t made it through to them.”


Ms Mitakos has been dedicated to helping women and students feel comfortable behind the wheel since the program’s inception in 2007. Her relentless efforts have not gone unnoticed. Her work has been recognised with the prestigious Barbara Cox ‘Woman of the Year Award’. Ms Mitakos said changing a tyre should be one of the first skills any young driver should have.

“Every young adult will have to change a tyre at some point in their life. If they think that they can figure it out through a YouTube video or let roadside assistance handle this for them, explain that mobile reception isn't everywhere, and tow trucks can sometimes take hours and cost $400-500 to reach someone in need.”


With a passion for education, Eleni and her team share valuable insights through hands-on workshops and informative videos, enabling participants to gain confidence and overcome stereotypes associated with car maintenance and the ability to navigate the roads safely.

“I am beyond excited to be teaming up with MG who have provided me with a MG3 that I use for schools showcasing the proper way to jump-start a car, how to check the fluids, when and how to replace brake pads.
“We have the numberplate [EDUK8] proudly displayed on the MG3 and it highlights what we do, a big part of education is to be patient. Give them an opportunity to make mistakes and tell them where they went wrong."

“Students love the MG3 that we have affectionately named ‘Edgy’ and we’ve found it's best to give them time to figure it out now rather than when they're stuck alongside the road and that’s what our classes are all about.”


Statistics reveal that a significant percentage of Australians lack basic car maintenance knowledge. This knowledge gap can lead to financial risks, erode confidence, and pose dangers during emergencies.

Ms Mitakos, who has run Galmatic for the past 16 years, was quick to state the hands on workshops are not only for teenage girls. “We teach up to 100,000 teenagers a year in schools, across all parts of Sydney,” she said,



With over one million Australians, and counting, already educated through the program, MG Motor Australia CEO, Mr Peter Ciao said this partnership between MG Australia and Galmatic holds immense potential for positively impacting the community.


Mr Ciao said “We are proud to support Eleni in teaching the next million Aussie teens life skills and empowering young drivers that they have the capabilities to handle situations such as the need to change a tyre themselves once they are on the road, rather than rely on someone else”.





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